Tamara Hastie - Creative Mixed Media and Portrait Photographer, Flagstaff, Arizona
creative mixed media & portrait photographer

Professional portraits and photography services by Tamara Hastie.

Professional image and story content services created by Tamara Hastie, located in Northern Arizona.

Professional Portraits

Professional Portraits


Professional portraits that convey your message, and reflect who you are.

  • 1.5 +/- hours within the Flagstaff area. Weekday or weekend. 

  • Includes a minimum of 6-12 retouched portraits for immediate print and web use. 

  • You choose the delivery: Dropbox or thumb drive.  Another method you prefer? 

  • Other images can be created or provided upon client request. What is your need?

  • Turn around is from 3 days to 1 week.

  • Quick.


So simple. 



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"As a child model, Tamara grew up around high fashion, and later jumped ship for adventure sports. Somewhere in there she started taking photographs. She has a curious eye, knows funky people and wild places, has a trunk full of lightboxes of every size and shape and works tirelessly to get the next shot-for-the-ages  – or to find it in museums, old books, on orange crates, peeling billboards, or (fill in the blank). Expect great things from Tamara Hastie, because she does. "

- John Long, Screenplay Writer, Venice, CA

"I really appreciate the time and energy you put into volunteering for non-profits,  including the ones that I work with, Once upon a Watershed, Food for Thought Ojai, and the Center for Regenerative Agriculture.  Beautiful portraits and our group shots are a real treat and valuable for public relations.  Thank you."

- David White, Ph.D., Center for Regenerative Agriculture, Ojai, CA

"Tamara finds interest and beauty in places few dare to or even think to look. She can sense the essence of her subject in any moment and has a way of capturing its inherent beauty digitally and on film (the BEST!) creating fantastic works of art and pieces of history. Working with her is a great gift of fun, learning, and adventure. She will one day be widely recognized for her talent."

- Emilia A., Dental Hygienist, Flagstaff, AZ