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Erica Vhay's Paintings

Erica Vhay is an incredible fine artist. Flagstaff is lucky to have her. 

When you see her portraiture you instantly know who, what, when, where and why. Her sense of the moment, the details of human gesture are some of the factors of what attracted to me to her work. You can instantly know her subjects. 


I love paintings. I love her paintings.

I own one, and love it.  


Then you can understand when she asked me to model for her I was taken back. Me? I wanted to be in her paintings, and now I am. Below are the incredible series of oil paintings of yours truly. Still floored on her execution of human shapes and intimate details. I'm so honored to have been on the tip of her paint brush, and imagined on canvas. 

The other oil paintings located below are images that I took of one of her models from Phoenix. We met up one sunny summer morning at her studio in Flagstaff, and shot incredible movement and gestural photos, laughed and drank tea most of the day. These images that I took have now turned into large format paintings too. Unbelievable!

Again, I am so honored. 

Thank you Erica.

* Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view our video collaboration. Go ahead and watch it! 

Please contact her directly through her website for inquiries about purchases.