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Tamara Hastie Artist & Photographer

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Lena and Valentina at the PSPF 2015

Palm Springs Photo Festival is one of those events, as a model is work. You work long hours, have photographers with diverse personalities and shooting styles, and holy hot tamale, it's damn hot! 

Meeting these three women Valentina (@iamvalentinka) and Lena (@projectlena) and Karina (@karinaboissonnier), inspire, and remind me that there are MOTIVATED women behind the camera lens.  A reminder that everyone has a story to tell through their lens, and are prepared and ready to tell the world what it is and how it is. Jock Sturges workshop was a perfect fit. Working with women like this is once in a lifetime- THANK YOU! 

And yes, that is me in the sunglasses :) love it!