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A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie.

A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie of rock climbing, portraits, HD video, and other various forms of mixed media.

Neon Light Inspiration

Light, indoors, those two words are not usually the words I would use to describe much of my photography or video work. I don't use lights indoors or outdoors very often, rarely. I use them when absolutely necessary, studio, client work, but honestly I'm just happy shooting in natural light.

It satisfies my need just fine.

But as of late I have really polished my wood floors- and they look spectacular.


I am never too far away from a pen, pencil, paint brush, printing chemicals, photoshop, sewing pictures together (yes, I sew photo paper together). I'm creating at some point during the day, there really is no way around it.

Now you are wondering what the hell is she talking about?

Well over the past few weeks, I've notice the most amazing red glow/reflected light pattern that large roof top MONTE VISTA HOTEL neon sign casts onto my shinny wood floor, carpet and my luscious and very photogenic velvet antique 1940's couch...

I want produce a scene there in front of the window one night, or two...or three nights....

I'm laughably addicted to film noir, especially silent films (those who know me: my idée fixe of bringing them back has not ended!) but I am prominently attracted to very well composed, contrasty, well developed visual sequences. As I see this shot in front of this window, my mind instantly sees a moment of the 1940's nostalgia. At night those wonderfully lit hotel rooms across the street will add an element of industry, to give a feeling of "we are not alone." The red glow of the neon sign coming in through the windows, but inside there needs to be something. Some type of lighting needs to happen inside and I'm going to use my dusty,  two LED panels (which are in a mystery location currently?!), bounce one onto the ceiling maybe with crinkled aluminum, to give off a few refracted beams of light in random indistinct patterns (or maybe make patterns to see how that may look?!). The other panel I will use directly on the ground, low intensity, orange gel, to light up the ground for more depth, separate the foreground and background, and I made a cookie that I have been wanting to use and now is the time!

Casted shadows on the ceiling, the subjects are light on a dark background.

Stanley Smith

This picture, for one, it's freaking hot. Two, I enjoy the dark, dark shadows, I want that LED light panel on the floor so the props also create a casted dark shadow.

Back lit, I want part of the model on the couch to be back lit, primarily from the LED panel being used to bounce the light onto the ceiling.

For fun, I watched a few movies and clips and read a bit about this lady- what a character she seemed to be...

This is a small snippet of a whole production by the director Alice Guy-Blaché in a studio in Paris 1905.

"I put signs all around my studio that said BE NATURAL—that is all I wanted from my actors."


This week is packed full but the highlight is working on a video for Sky Black a local fine art painter and the Orpheum Theatre on a collaborative project they have partnered in.

Exciting times.

I have also acquired two more trips to California, one jaunt to the East Side to CLIMB and the other to model in Palm Springs for the PSPF for five days, oh, lala...I'm pretty satisfied with that!