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A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie.

A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie of rock climbing, portraits, HD video, and other various forms of mixed media.

The Boat Life

The boat life. 

I really don't know too much about the boat life. Chris Johnson here does. I met him for the first time as he was rolling through Flagstaff, looking for a pit stop between Moab, Utah and San Francisco, California. He called me en route, showed up at my door, had dinner and talked about life blessings and life's turmoils. Chris is an interesting young lad from Simi Valley, working odd jobs, looking to change his current world, and looking to take it to the water, or lets say the ocean. He was committed in his heart and soul that eating, breathing and living the boat life. He was buying a boat, he wanted to call it home, this was his calling, at least for now. Captian Johnson would fit him well.  


I stopped by his "California Dream" in the Channel Island Harbor, it reminded me instantly to the days where I, yes I,  spent numerous days paddling an outrigger canoe out of the Ventura Harbor. Seems like lifetimes ago, but the feeling of the ocean spray hitting your face sticks with you and is highly addicting. I enjoyed outrigging thoroughly and convinced myself that if I ever moved back to "slow-hi", that outrigging would take up the spare time I would use drooling for the cliffs of the Sierras. 

Chris also reminded me, by his big smile, that the time is now to make a decision and get after it. He was on his way for a weekend surf getaway to Santa Cruz Island, with a handful of motivated surf diehards catching a winter swell that he convinced would be stellar. I am on my way to Bishop to do the same in the vertical world, convinced that I will find the perfect line in the perfect warmth with the perfect company.


The perfect line is there, you just have to commit to finding it. 

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