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A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie.

A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie of rock climbing, portraits, HD video, and other various forms of mixed media.

Project ideas.

Project ideas- they come and go, some stick and some don’t. I always try to retain a sense of fantasy to my work, where you, the viewer has to feel as if  you belong in that pictorial environment. I collect amazing images off the internet, images and photographs that follow this rule. In this post are some that resinate with me in one way or another, the light, smell (yes, smell), shadows, background, and the list goes on....

We, as film students, we need to be organized in many departments, we are file shufflers and re-namers, and so when the influx of project ideas come and one sticks around, and festers, it is time to get organized and put all your ideas on paper (or on file), so you can realize your vision, and see it on screen.


Truly,  in this generation of film makers and film goers, the die hard cult followings of the anti-Hollywood films, Indies, and those totally obscure WTF documentaries, we have officially broadened our horizons on what documentary films are, and what style of  ‘artificial excitement’ we need to provide for creating viewer intrigue and continued interest.

In this work, it is time to get emotional, get close, get in-touch with your subject. Here you need to understand- that they, or you, may have a bubble that will need to be eliminated once you delve into documentary work. Since there is no set formula, be prepared to make your own, every time. Get in there- do your research and observe.

Scripts are key- duh?!

You must write with your eyes, really delve into all the details of what you want to see in frame.

All of them. Period.


What is your subject doing?

What are they wearing?

Where are they at?

What time of day?


Write it all down.

Do you smell roses? If so, write it down.

It helps the crew/cinematographer/editor to see what you see, smells what you smell. The production, composition and overall feeling of the shots obtained will come through much more as YOU planned- guaranteed. You plan, they plan (most of the time).

Do you have a specific vision for sound effects or special effects/ filters? I know you do.

Write these down too, these play a giant role on how  your production crew will establish their shots for your documentary.

Don't short change yourself, if you don't know, they don't know, and do not expect them to guess, because they will and it will suck.


Need more of a guideline for what is and what is not....here is a fabulous link: