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A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie.

A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie of rock climbing, portraits, HD video, and other various forms of mixed media.

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Promo videos is a broader term of the crowd-funding videos and personal profile videos that I am currently making for clients.



of, pertaining to, or involving the promotion of a product, event, etc.; promotional
Rachel and I have been assigned another project for the Northern Arizona University 100th Year Anniversary.
We decided on a story board that drift from a historical past wardrobe, props, letters and quotes to the present using these traditional sports/ cheerleading garb and equipment, using stop motion create time moving forward, using the still example below.
It is true, your concepts and ideas on personal projects need to be fun and thought provoking, and by doing so creates more creativity within yourself and shows through your work flow and final products.
I think it would be a total waste of time if this was not first on the list, you must have an interest in the subject matter, and you must make it fun. It is key to generate emotion within your audience and by doing this, you, the videographer, audio, the editor, have to also feel this emotion to create a full bodied piece of work.
Key ingredients to this success, to obtain, maintain the generation of emotion within your video work:
Time- Organized

Creativity- we have lots of it, in many forms and directions, follow the ones that fit your projects best.

Listen and be observant- this is difficult, you must practice....trust me.

Brainstorm- write it all down. Draw. Scribble. Take it out of you and put it on paper, make it visual and tangible.

Have a plan. Get examples on-line, off-line make a database of what your ideas are, who your audience is.

DELIVER Something new.

AVOID STATIC PATTERNS.  Understanding analytic patterns your visitor statistics is key to understand what is and what is not working.



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