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A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie.

A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie of rock climbing, portraits, HD video, and other various forms of mixed media.


I'm a lady who wants to be challenged. This is evident in my daily life reveling the continuous busy-body-life that I lead,  and who makes me who I am today- really motivated.

As a rock climber, I have grown accustomed to living life with the understanding that not all days are the same, some will be more challenging that others.

This goes to with my photography and video work. Some days are bound to be better than others. Since most of my work takes place at high-angles, or in the moment, light and sound can play a big factor in the development of the shoot and how it will appear and sound on the screen. Not everything can be done in post production, so it is good to be prepared.

Narratives are hard for me. Why?

I do not write out scripts; storyboards, yes, scripts, no, but those time are changing- quickly.

Going on my past belief of spontaneous conversation through indirect questions tends to provide better storytelling attributes for my documentary work is losing popularity by the minute. As I am progressing, various creative job opportunities have opened my eyes for a planned narrative, and with those projects, a free "let it flow" narrative just does not work in these circumstances. There needs to must be structure and cohesiveness, period. To save time, and to be well rounded in the subject, I research, and research more the subject in which I am photographing or filming. I will write out questions, about a dozen core questions for the project/subject at hand after an initial  "pre-interview" of the subject. Then after I'm done photographing/ filming them, obtaining b-roll, etc., I will then take the subject(s) aside a perform a full-on interview to make sure I nailed all the points I needed to get the message across my client or myself wanted to accomplish. I ask the questions and repeat myself multiple times, but this assures that I will get what I need, than settle for what I got during production. The whole reason for producing any media is

"Why? What is the point I want to get across? Why am I doing this? What is this about, really?"



MOTTO: be prepared.


Audio has always been a weak point for me, so in the past two months or so, I dove into the set up that works for me. Fine tuning any gear set-up for when you are working at high-angles is a must.


Rode VideoMic & Micro Boom and of course, you must have one with the wind buster:  Must have when filming outdoors, anywhere. This needs to have a 5mm cord attached to it, then leashed to the camera strap.

ZOOM H4n and also the H1:  I love these both- include a extra tripod too in your trunk for mounting when you are making it happen Robert Rodriguez style: solo. Also, record sound with 16-bit/48 kHz WAV files for shooting 24p video. There is a difference.

-H1 is great and lightweight on the cliff, hiking long distances, any time or place where weight is an issue. I use a small 4mm? cord to leash this is about a 4 ft. cordellete. This is so I can rig it on the wall however I can and have plenty of cord to do so, and to keep it out of my way.

-H4n is fantastic mounted on a tripod, recording natural sounds, narratives, voice overs, and so much more. I just read on B & H that they consider it the "Swiss Army Knife production tool." I can second that. This is the go to recorder for any ground work.


MOTTO: be prepared and be fully rigged before hand.

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