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A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie.

A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie of rock climbing, portraits, HD video, and other various forms of mixed media.

Be exquisite: the time is NOW

Those who know me, knows I am never short on words. I can tell a long story, to you, to a stranger, I admit it. I try to be concise and limit my wordy spoken and written words.

It's a challenge, I truly believe it is not in my blood.

Daily pressures on creating taglines/ loglines/ 'anything' quick and simple line that describes what I want to write, produce, direct, pitch, blog about in a few simple words is not an easy task for those of us who love words.

But I do revel in simplicity.

I  'dated' a man who went to NYU and studied Japanese Haiku. I get it, there is a magnetism to selecting a few words that harmonize perfectly which grab and entice your senses. They are lovely and I have written many over the years.

But as far as the social media craze, I feel as if I don't fit in. I can't conform to the limits of word and post restraints. Again, I am challenged. So simple, so silly and really so stupid, but I have a lot to say and tiny REPLY boxes just don't do it for me. My Message Folder on Facebook are on par with my email inbox, except there is no bulk or spam mail. It is the way most of everyone I deal with communicates with me, that or text. No calls, no emails (not many, except for logistics for trips, climbing, etc.), and all my print and art work sales are done through my website. So naturally I use these social mediums to communicate, but I feel squeezed in, like a sweater you just washed and somehow the neck hole is smaller that it was prior, and you push you head through and it's tight and itchy around the collar. It sucks.

I feel squeezed in.

I question regularly if I even want to participate in the social media switch to 140 characters or less, or confined to a space to type the size of my pinky. Honestly, I am not too hip on it.

When I write, I grab a pen or pencil, and a pad of paper- any paper and WRITE. I refrain from my computer desktop. The creativity sucks right out of me if I am typing my ideas instead of crossing them out and underlining them. I write letters to friends and lovers frequently, write in a journal, and incorporate literature of all types in my art work and and in my everyday life.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for social change, I see this. With every pro there is a con, and the con is knowing that our language is slipping between our fingers. Is social change going to come from this type of communication that we are imploring on these popular, very populated social media sites. I seem to see a bunch of words that can be interpret in a number of ways by a number of different people. Is it so simple it can be confusing, by not taking the time or space to really be outspoken. 

Is that the message we want to give?



On the other side of the coin, we must conform to a point, which I have, but only to a point.


There is a time a place, I do know this.


There is a lot of truth to a blog post I just read on the FORBES magazine website: Future Forum Cheat Sheet: The Power of Brevity and Other Storytelling Lessons about their lessons learned at the '13 Future Forum. 

They mention three great points of storytelling that any photographer, videographer, editor, or writer must nail down regardless of how complex their story vision is:

1) There is power in being concise.

RACE CARD PROJECT- You must really go to the site to see the full value of what people actually write in and tag their posts. USA is diverse with no doubt.

SIX WORD STORIES- What would mine be: "Be exquisite: the time is NOW." Six words, really? I thought the 5-7-5 syllables in a haiku were a serious constraint.

2) Know the “why” behind the story

MOTH STORYTELLING - workshops combined with mentors that help individuals create their own powerful first person stories. I guess we can all use a little help? The internet helps too...but there are some good stratagies that MOTH teach that are some to be utilized.

"If you can answer why you are telling a story, and why it matters to listeners, then you’re on track to craft stories worth remembering."

3) All relationships are fed by storytelling

"It is a reality show and it is up to each of us to be co-authors and co-contributors." Not too sure what reality show they want to be a part of, I stay clear of other people's reality shows. I have my own called LIFE, and any time they want to be a co-contributor in my reality let me know!

I have a few thesis ideas for some art reviews due here in a few weeks for an ethnographical documentary class. I can't help but wonder if Kurt will accept a six word thesis?! It's the newest rage.