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A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie.

A simple blog containing photography, videos, and creative media by Tamara Hastie of rock climbing, portraits, HD video, and other various forms of mixed media.

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” Robert Capa


I have no real connection to Magnum Photos.

But a key turning event in my life was when I first decided to start to develop and print my medium and large format negatives. I'm one to have a print in hand, the computer screen does not satisfy my craving for a tangible, hands on print I can hang on mine or someone else's wall. I need to see it in person.

I needed a darkroom.

I needed my own. Period.

Any of you that actually know me, know that I want my own gear, my own equipment and it can only be the best and this equipment must meet the quality and go beyond my expectations. I went direct to the source.

A  friend/colleague of mine David Zickl , an established AZ Highways photographer had mentioned to me on the cliffs edge (rock climbing of course!) that his ex-wife was a Magnum photographer (my slight connection!) and was selling all her darkroom equipment for pennies down in Wickenberg.

I was sold.

I went down there, picked up the darkroom equipment within the week and never looked back.

That being said, I have also an incredible family history when it comes to military involvement, here in the US Army and in Germany.

My mother called me up one morning said that herself and my sister were getting rid of all the family pictures- they did not want to deal with them or store them- they were done. "Over it" is the exact words said.

"Pick these boxes up, or they see the trash can in a week." I was home to pick up the boxes in two days. The pictures are amazing, many war, military photographs and of course, lots of family photos. Even a painting given to my grandfather in Russia when he was a prisoner of war in Russia during WWI was in this collection.

Okay, drifting….

I have never been "interested" per say in military or war photography, but extremely interested in portraiture, I love people. Robert Capa has inspired me in his portraiture. He was a co-founder of Magnum Photos. if you don't know them- do so now HERE. His ability to capture these individuals in such a manner where you can smell the devastation in the air around them, to me, is captivating.


Recently there has been a stir in his works due to his 100th birthday celebration on Oct. 22, and the release recently of a rare early radio interview (HERE IT HERE!!!) , and the release of some of his most spectacular color photographs yet.

They stick to your brain like glue. Truly spectacular photographs take by a man who could separate himself generously between work and personal beliefs during some of the most world changing war experiences demonstrated,  including WWII- Omaha Beach and D-Day.

This Magnum blog post above really shows the impact that his photography had on the world, which Magnum Photos is demonstrating it through a social media project, GET CLOSER.

This is combined with the spectacular release of Capa's color photographs at the ICP in New York on display until May, 2014, has set over 4,500 people to submit images for 100 days, which started on Oct. 22, with hashtag of #getcloser100 to social media sites to see where, what, when  Robert Capa image inspires to take us.

You must participate.

I did.

Where does his images leave you?

He has left me wanting to know more. Everyday.