Tamara Hastie
Tamara Hastie Artist & Photographer

About Tamara Hastie

Tamara Hastie is an artist & photographer located in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Three things about Tamara Hastie:

1. She is super motivated

2. She wakes up way too early

3. Loves chocolate


A fine artist, maker and passionate talent living in Northern Arizona, Tamara’s emerging creative practice encompasses vibrant, bold contemporary landscape compositions.

Painting and rock climbing culminate in a meditative experience, and subsequently acquiring intimate views of the landscape which can never be found on a map. Both are earned experiences. Unexpected pops of colors and awkward negative spaces rendered from mental imagery, photographs and on location add to the depth of her oil and cold wax paintings. Responding to texture and color, Tamara reflects on the beauty and complexity that everyday living can provide creating a bookmark to remember time, place and identity.

Many years of studying photography and documentary film has helped her fine art retain a solid and strong color palette.

Tamara’s art practice continues to evolve, making each knife and brush stroke a memory recorded.

   "Tamara Hastie got national and international fashion magazine covers when she was a teenager, and was on the path to working in the fashion world as a model. Then she discovered rock climbing, and made a sudden U-turn, embarking on a road trip that lasted nearly a decade, climbing and putting up first ascents all over California and the American Southwest. She lived in vans, trailers, tents, and sleeping bags under the stars.

   You’d never know it, but whenever she got low on funds she’d duck in to the surrounding cities to work as a figure model, posing for high-end art photographers around the country. She’d earn just enough money to float another few months before disappearing again into the mountains and deserts.

   Now living in Arizona, Tamara works as a photographer and videographer, and still does a bit of figure modeling. She has become obsessed with water, or the lack thereof: For the past five years she has been instrumental in watershed conservation projects around the Southwest desert regions. And she’s still climbing as hard as ever, putting up new routes in the Arizona desert".

-Jeff Johnson, Patagonia staff photographer and adventure filmmaker, in the book Going Out is Going In

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